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Definitely Dishy Aprons are designed to reflect the enjoyment of cooking and entertaining, as well as the belief that aprons can be fun and stylish. Each apron is custom-designed and hand-made; no two aprons are alike. Definitely Dishy aprons also provide a flattering fit, unlike many mass-manufactured aprons, and can be customized for special sizes or to coordinate with any theme or holiday motif.

These aprons are the creations of two sisters who were raised on a farm in rural Wisconsin where they learned to cook and to sew in their childhood. They have continued to enjoy and explore those pastimes as adults

Whether your choice is a nostalgic apron reminiscent of home-cooked meals and the smell of bread coming out of Grandma’s oven, or a tailored style that complements your reputation as a savvy hostess, you will find an apron that matches your unique style.